Do you need to use a Realtor to buy a New Construction Home? YES!  Here is why....

  • The sales agent waiting to show you through the model homes in the new home community represent the builder and the builder only.  They are absolutely there to help you see the home, talk about the amenities of the area, etc. etc. BUT they represent the builder.  The builders and their representatives have constant contact with Realtors to promote the sale of the communities and want Realtors to send them buyers and especially want Realtors to represent the Buyer!  
  • Your personal Realtor (Buyer's agent) will help you negotiate the contract.  The sales price is not the only negotiating tool in a new home purchase.  There are closing costs to negotiate, appliance packages, upgrades, financing terms and more.  There are thousands of dollars worth of "fees" associated with a new home purchase contract.
  • Your Realtor will keep you updated throughout the building process on the importantance of attending construction inspections, help you if there is a necessary change in the construction process, help you understand the taxing differences of a property purchased new and advise you on HOA matters.
  • A good Realtor knows the builders in the area.  An experienced new construction Realtor will know the builder's reputations and help you in the selection of the best builder to fit your needs.  Realtors who know the builders in the area have developed a relationship with that builder and can usually help settle any kind of issue quickly because it is important to the builder that the Realtor continue to nourish that relationship with them and keep sending them buyers.
  • Realtors know how to compare two homes listed at the same sales price and show you the differences of why one may fit your needs better than's not just floor plan and personal preference.  Ask an experienced Realtor, for example, about the difference that one builder's high effficiency rating on their furnace or on the appliances could save a buyer more than $1000 a year in energy costs!
  • A Realtor will be able to help you decide the best route for financing your new home, and help you in keeping your budget in mind when selecting upgrades and finishes.  It is very easy to get excited and overspend on your dream home, but an experienced Realtor will help you in deciding what upgrades are the most advantageous to stay within your budget.